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    *Assassin Creed Rebellion should continue with new maps and story missions*

    Hi Sir,I'm a Big Assassin Creed fan.I really like Assassin's Creed Rebellion.This is a Great job.First of all, I would like to congratulate Ubisoft for this Epic Game.Map 5 we have waited a long time and it has been a really great job.But the quests of this 5th map were very short and the story is over.It would be nice if a new Country or 6th map came out of Spain with the new heroes and side missions I wanted.It may be the time of the Persian country or the time of an ancient country. I especially want to see Darius.I'm sure many people would be glad if some of the side missions came in today's assassin-creed games, research tasks in the modern world as well as the wonderful times we played with "Desmond Miles"While we're in the game, we can be in events against time, and we'll get a nice reward when we have a good timeI think some building upgrades should come. For example, a second slot can be added to the Librarian and .It could be nice if the 220 intel limit in Intel room is increased to 300.It would be great if new heroes come with new abilities and equipment.Assassin Creed Rebellion should continue with new story missions and side missions, new maps and new equipment.If this is not possible, everyone will be delighted if a new mobile game of the same style with Assassin's Creed Rebellion is released.Map 5 came to us very briefly, as there is no new story, weapon enhancements are meaningless.Please sir give us plenty of new quests, difficulty levels and new maps

    with all respect

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    Wooo, you finish the 5 region??

    I'm stopped on the las 2 story mission,.. wich team have to use for end it??

    I think the same like you... I don't like new events I want more central story or differernts campaigns,.. now is Spain, other campaigns could de on another country with different central hero like agilar is on this campaign.
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