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    Client Crashes and Blue Screens - Follow-up


    We are receiving reports from players regarding client crashes and blue screens.

    In order for us to speed up the investigation process, please make sure to share what error code you're receiving after a crash.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    The Division Team
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    The crashes happen after a 5 to 6 sec of brutal frame drop or micro stuttering that freezes the image and closes game back to ubistore.
    It happens a lot.
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    Now i hear others have the same problem.
    I was searching for a problem of my pc.

    The code that shows on the blue screen says. "Kmode exeption not handled."
    Nothing else of code is showing. I googled it and it could be some drivers but then it should also show in the code and it doesn't.
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    Crashing was usually preceded by stutter for a few seconds and then a crash to desktop in best case scenarios. Worst case scenarios the game would crash AND video driver resulting in the computer needing a power cycle. No error codes are produced. Game is auto-updated, Windows 10 1903, i7-9700K, 32gb DDR4-3200, RTX 2080 Ti with 436.02 drivers.

    Prior to game update, I ran 1440p, DX12, borderless, on ultra preset with a 140 FPS frame cap, vsync off, reduced latency off. 60hrs of gameplay crash free UNLESS I forgot to remove my very aggressive GPU overclock -- dialing that back resulted in crashless gameplay.

    Same settings after game update last week resulted in crashes 10-15 minutes into game. Tried older drivers, changing to DX11, changing fullscreen/windowed/borderless, verified game files, etc. Ran the gambit of troubleshooting.

    Today, I have ran the game for 3 hours now without issue by changing the graphics preset from "ultra" to "high". Using DX11 just because Nvidia still hasn't resolved DX12 crashing.

    Realistically, the only change I've made to the game now versus 60hrs stable is switching to DX11 and switching the graphics preset to ultra. I cannot speak as to WHY this works, but 3 hours is a heckuva lot longer to run than 15 minutes. Temperatures had no effect with either scenario, temps on both GPU and CPU stayed in the mid to high 60Cs due to custom water cooling.

    The only thing I can fathom is that something in the ultra preset was changed in the previous patch and is corrupted resulting in my, personal, crashes. I've yet to bother to narrow these down one by one as I can't really tell the difference between high preset and ultra preset... I just wanted to play the dang game without crashing.
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    @Mutinyofthemind - I can confirm the same stutter and then crashes. In my case I have an MSI 1070 and am on medium settings - latest Nvidia GPU driver. I did however in the last week change from DX11 to 12 in game along with enabling the Nvidia ultra setting for the low latency mode. The crashes started yesterday in game. I'm not sure what the error code was, but I did submit a crash report from the Ubisoft option after the crash. I'll try first reverting to DX11 and then disable the low latency mode to see which if either might be causing the game to crash.
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    Same here game stutters freezes then crashes to desktop with no error message. ONLY in DX12.
    DX11 performance is lower but does not crash anywhere near as much.

    Running latest NVIDIA drivers on a GTX1080 436.15 Game files varified OK
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    After 3 hours of playing i got a crash and this error in the Windows Event Viewer:
    "File System Filter 'EasyAntiCheatSys' (Version 6.1, ‎2019‎-‎07‎-‎19T13:47:43.000000000Z) unloaded successfully."

    Exactly 3 seconds before that i got the error:
    "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered."
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    Still playing with it and slowly switching a few settings from high preset to ultra preset, but one option so far is a guaranteed 10-30 minute crash for me: setting spot shadow resolution to ultra results in 100% repeatable crashes of the nvidia driver resulting in either a CTD or a complete system lock up requiring a hard reset. Once it is switched down to high the game once again becomes stable.

    Still running DX11 only because Nvidia states DX12 can still cause crashing on 436.02.

    The following options have been changed from the high preset so far:

    • object detail: 40 -> 100
    • streaming distance:5 -> 10
    • shadow quality: high -> very high
    • contact shadows: sun low -> all high
    • vegetation: medium -> high

    The following options have resulted in repeatable crashing so far:

    • spot shadow resolution -> only on ultra setting
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    Crashing here too.

    Same as most folks here. The game will stutter for a few seconds then CTD. Everything is updated, files verified, and no OC's. Crash reports sent every time.
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    Had exactly the same thing just now , game stutters and then CTD , I also sent the crash report. Are they reading them as this problem has not gone away !
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