Hello! It's me again, the shield guy who wrote this post about Shield bugs.

While playing, I've found some more interesting things, some even gamebreaking, which I would like to share, in the hope that these will eventually get fixed by the developers in the next weeks.

I'm also attaching a few Blue Drops from the Dark Zone. They are not connected to the type of the DZ since I got them both in Occupied and Normal ones. Usually this blue gear is high rolled.

I'll go a bit more in-depth and give some context with the bugs I've found:

- Purple Drops (0:05)
While playing in Challenging/Heroic, open world activities will give as a reward purple drops. I know there's another known bug about chests not scaling with difficulty, but I guess it goes the same for the activities.

- Bugged Revive (0:20)
This is gamebreaking. Happens about 65% of the time, not only with friends but with randoms too. You just can't get them up and they can't get you up. Seems like it's connected to the player, because usually another player can revive you. It's especially difficult to deal with in duo, because a Reviver Hive is mandatory. Reviving works with the Hive, but not from player interactions.
From the video we have two examples, I maybe thought that in the first case the dog had something to do with it (EMP) and maybe in the second one since you have to destroy the EMPS on the catwalk, the effect had something to do with it. But it happened multiple times in different missions so I don't really think the things are connected.

- DZ Rope (01:14)
This one is really funny but after a while it becomes increasingly annoying. Happens in about 80% of extractions.

- Bugged Cezka Vyroba Backpack (01:35)
Skills attached to the backpack are bugged. When you put a skill in the right slot that isn't hanging from the backpack, it's bugged inside it.

I hope this helps the developers, I'm sure that with time they will fix everything. I'd like to know if these reports are recognized or if I just did this for absolutely nothing.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!