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    Remake Calypso Casino for Siege?

    I don't know if it's been suggested before, and searching hasn't really given me anything meaningful, so if it has, ignore this thread.

    Back in Rainbow Six: Vegas, one of my favorite maps was Calypso Casino. It had several floors, from the Helipad up top. to the vault and server room in the bottom floor. I think a map like this could be absolutely perfect for a game like Siege, where vertical play is more emphasized in maps. I think it may need some downsizing, since it's fairly large, but because of the layout of the map, I think it would be incredibly suited for Siege's destructive and careful play.

    The map for Calypso Casino is broken down to three sections, that I think works well for both the Attackers and the Defenders.

    The Casino Rooftop offers two potentially decent droning spots for Attackers, for example: the skylight in the middle and the elevator shafts on the right. There's also some rappel points that could be taken advantage of in the far back, opposite the Helipad. Lastly, players could enter through the door in front of them when they reach the bottom of the stairs. The defenders have the Casino Basement Offices, which could offer some nice reinforcement areas, and some nice angles. Plenty of doorways for Kapkan traps, but less vaulting points such as windows or cover for people like Frost (maybe there might be, I can't remember the map by memory).

    The Casino floor could be a pretty decent place for bomb sites, as well as the Casino Offices, since there's a lot of obstructions like slot machines and other games. There's back stairs players could flank from, and for the defenders, there's a lot of chokepoints for someone like Smoke. I think generally, this could be a really good addition to Siege as a throwback to Vegas, and I think the map by its very design, fits Siege's unique gameplay very well.

    Again, I apologize if this post has been made, I couldn't find a similar once through searching. Here's a video showcasing the map, and the potential for its addition in Siege.

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    That would be interesting to check!
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    Nice map, I never heard about Calypso Casino, but it looks rather decent. I have to say I haven't visited Vegas for ages, last time I been there being a student. The abundance of modern online gambling sites is huge, I just choose something from here https://casinobetsites.com/ every time I am eager to play something.
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