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    Atlantis Episode 3 Forge stopped working

    On NG+ second play through on Atlantis DLC. On episode 3, as part of quest, once you get enough of the special metal bars, you're asked to forge a weapon. I completed that, then continued through the DLC, later when I had more metal, went back to the forge and was unable to interact with it, unable to forge anymore weapons. I thought well maybe I need to progress story, but never did work again, just completed the DLC episode 3, and still unable to forge anymore weapons even though I have 6 of the special metal bars in inventory.
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    I can confirm that this is a known issue and has been reported.

    As a workaround you can put the Isu weapons you have already crafted previously into the storage chest on the Adrestia and then it should allow you to craft new Isu weapons at the forge.
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    I have the same issue while playing with New Game Plus mode, however, I stored the weapons (per the suggestion in the previous post) and still cannot craft new legendary weapons. I hope this fix allows it. At present, I was only able to craft 1 legendary item and I have 6 adamant bars waiting to be used.
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