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    My last pk rework topic

    I think it is somewhat irritating that I keep spamming these (maybe it is spamming even by the forum rules), and I am not sure if there is a willingness to do a real rethinking of the character, so I just leave it here.

    I try to make this one as simple as I can while making it viable and balanced.

    1. Dagger cancel, deep gouge and all dodge attacks start chains. (Really, just give us this if nothing else).

    2. Zone changed: second part removed, first part is 466ms, considered a heavy, but keeps the current recovery. Damage remains 15, and grants no executions.

    3. Deep gouge nerfed in damage: it now deals 1+6 (down from 1+10).

    4. Bloodbath (New effect added): landing a heavy on a bleeding opponent removes the bleed, and the heavy deals (removed bleed+5) damage in addition to the normal damage (a 20 damage heavy on an opponent who has 6 bleed damage ticking deals 31 damage and removes the bleed, if there are multipliers on damage, the 31 damage is the one that gets them).
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    she is still gonna be weak after this, all that will happen is give her Nobushi's passive. We need a full on rework, with new movesets. I think the developers are aware that just changing her current kit won't work out and are working on motion capturing something more. It might take them a long time but it's something, yea?
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    I mean, PK would have to mindgame her oponent 2 times in a row in a quick succession to do let's say 31 dmg. Hitokiri has to press heavy on red indicator, Raider just has to mindgame you once or trade with his heavy to do 40-45 dmg. This would just make PK high skill cap with a low skill ceiling, meaning after you learned her there's pretty much nothing you can do more than zone, lights and heavies
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    Her mixups are basic, yes, but with this, landed heavies, dodge attacks would lead into her very strong midchain mixup with a 400ms light, a dagger cancel, a heavy or a softfeint guardbreak, all of which restarts the thing. Once she would start this pressure, she could do wonders (like turning a raider into much more likable dead raider).
    Of course, this is not S tier material, and I would be really happy if she would get something like centurion. Just don't think she will get anything serious, the devs really, really dislike her and have no clue what to do with her (her unique mechanics were given to others, and from her 2 unique feats one became common, while one was shared with screamandi).
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    Whatever buff they are planning to give, I just hope it's not one more damage on something. The damage is bad, but the kit is worse.
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    Okay, this must be an addiction (at least a cheap one).

    Here is the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to shoot pk up to A tier in duels (and maybe in dominion and breach too).

    1. Make dagger cancel, deep gouge and dodge attacks start chains.

    2. Make the zone's second hit be chainable into deep gouge (that's a heavy after all).

    3. Make deep gouge deal only 1+4 damage, but make it reset pk's stamina to 100%.
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    Just hit rep 50. The road felt like the purgatory. She really, really needs something.
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    I wouldn't worry about spam, you may have posted several topics on the same thing, but they are all distinctly different and no 2 are identical. Not like the bots that roll in and spam dumb **** 50 times in the same thread and post 12 of those threads. She does need something done, even if it is the simple fix you gave. Every time i look at my pk i want to level her but every time i pick her up i just get sad, too little damage for punishes that other heroes can do identically for double what she can, her kit has no mindgames and 0 pressure unless your opp drops their controller, and she just doesn't have enough to warrant using over a hero who can do what she does but better.

    Once this testing grounds is done she should be TOP of the list for next hero rework, and i mean a freaking REWORK, not this simple buff pass ****e masquerading as a rework.
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    I always say I would be happy for any buffs she can get, but they can always give a buff so meaningless in turn I can't even notice. They needed TWO ****ING STEPS to buff up her 500ms 13 damage light openers to 15, because they were afraid giving her 14 damage (in the same ****ing patch they released Black Prior, with 20 damage light finishers and 40 damage heavy finishers, with a basically unpunishable bulwark). My guess is, they either really hate her, or Stefan outsourced some characters to others to work on them, and the guys receiving them are really, really shy or incompetent.
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    A simple but very apparaent problem: pk zone second part is unfeintable after the indicator is up, meaning you don't have feint options out of it, making this move a terrible 50/50 with the reward being far less than the risk. Pushing the feint timing forward to be the same as dagger cancel's softfeint on it would be a vast improvement. Every multiple part zone is feintable with the indicator already up.
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