So, are you longing for the days when you could just cruise and search for targets in a SH3 U-Boot on the open ocean in a campaign?

Are you looking for the memorable opportunity to join other skilled players in attacking a convoy in a SH3 multiplayer game?

Are you looking for a SH3 flotilla that offers opportunities to play some of the most dynamic Single Player Campaigns along with Multiplayer Play?

Thats right, I said MULTIPLAYER PLAY!!!!!!

Enigma/Training/New Mods/New reporting options........almost endless archives.

Open up your old box, get the old manuals out and come and take a look at all that is available!!!!

Don't worry, we have plenty of help to get that game re-installed and working just like you want it!

SH3 is still one of the best immersion simulators ever put forward and DEF is one of the few places left to join other SH3 players in Multiplay.

Still wondering is this would be fun or a fit for you, Well, check out and compare. Look DEF over and decide to get those old kapitan's off the bench and into the pens. Take a look!!