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    Staff Picks - August 23

    Greetings Riders!

    As we continue to be amazing by the awesome creations you're making in Trials Rising, we want to continue to highlight some of our favorites. See below to see this week's Staff Picks!

    Shogunís Picks

    This is my last week at the office before I take a little break to welcome my first child into the world. My descriptions might be a little short this week as Iím working hard to get everything ready for while I am away. Itís always a blast to check out everyoneís amazing creations on Track Central and the Gear Store and Iíll miss doing it while Iím away. I wish Pink, Keeba, Badger and the rest of the team, as well as all of you, a great launch for Crash & Sunburn and Season 3. And I canít forget to wish the very best of luck to everyone who created tracks for the MMM Track Jam. Iíll see you all in October, and maybe Iíll bring a little spooky surprise back with me.

    Track: Dravenís Winter Playtime
    Creator: BCDraven
    Mode: Trials
    Difficulty: Beginner

    Iím leaving to have a son so maybe I was a little biased when I saw Draven let his son select the theme and location for this track. Sentimental reasons aside itís still a nice, fun, easy, speedy line for up and coming riders and itís wrapped in a great winter theme with a medieval village feel. Good stuff!

    Track: KN Autumn Eve
    Creator: KNoCK0ffNaTH
    Mode: Trials
    Difficulty: Hard

    The line is fun and the environment is very pretty. I donít feel like I need more reason than that. Great work from KNoCK0ffNaTH, a must ride.


    Shirt: Space It
    Shoes: Spacematos 2000
    Creator: Planlze

    Helmet: Decent Colours
    Creator: SsoulEeater

    I like the decent colours on SsoulEeaterís helmet and Planlzeís shirt & shoes. I also love the use of gradients to create a nice cosmic backdrop for my old homie the squirrel on this shirt. If you dig this vibe Planlze has some more great cosmic designs shared. You want to be a sharp dressed rider like me? Seek out this fresh gear in the rider store.

    Keebaís Picks

    Track: [LD1] Serpent Swamp
    Creator: lionden1
    Mode: Trials

    This track straight slaps. I canít describe it in any other way than whimsical. The colors and detail that are in the background only add to the fun of the driveline. Watch out midway through as thereís a bit of a surprise!

    Gear Set: Police Officer
    Creator: Random_Guy_90

    This costume set including a shirt/pants/hat is so incredibly detailed! If you look into Random_Guy_90ís creations, he has a lot of really good ones, and this is his newest. Great work!

    Gloves: skeletons PINK
    Creator: Sjjenkie

    These are just plain cool. The detail in the shading and the overall aesthetic is one I absolutely love.

    If we missed anything this week you think deserves a shout out, let us know in the comments below! Until then, Riders, we'll see you on the leaderboards!
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    So when is next DLC/patch? Must say you guys make a marvellous job on keeping us unaware.
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    Yeah its been announced everywhere but here. DLC is Sept. 10th. Patch will likely be within the week before, as they stated beginning of Sept. for it.
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    Wow thanks Shogun! I really wasn't expecting much with a beginners track since they usually get overlooked. But I knew some players just want to go fast with big jumps and crazy loops, like my kid that really can't balance the bike right now. 😀 I appreciate the pick and congrats on your first born son! 👍
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    @calculusman1084 so where is everywhere? I'm on this site for one reason and that's updates on the game. And also are you a dev or are you assuming when the next patch is coming like the DLC?
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    its been known since Monday that the dlc is coming out Sept 10th. It is pretty much posted everywhere, at least it is if you have ANY form of the internet.
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    Thanks Keeba, 2 weeks in a row, guess i'm doing something right, lol
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    Congratulations Shogun. Enjoy the time off with your family
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    Thanks for the pick Shogun! It means a lot to me and best wishes on your journey into fatherhood
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