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    Same problem, damn annoying and taking a long time to fix.
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    Is there any official word on the chances of being able to get our saves back?

    I'm also curious how many people this is affecting. The conditions to be affected by it don't seem very specific: just having played the full game after playing the trial.

    Like others I was already not very happy that the progress I'd made in the trial week could not transfer to the full game, and now I've also lost all the hours I put in after having to restart. It seems to me that if the trial had just been a time-limited license for the full game (like the trial periods for most games I've seen) then the DLC ownership issue wouldn't have even been a possibility, in addition to being able to carry over the saves from trial to full.

    And while I appreciate the acknowledgement of the issue in this thread and in response to the support ticket I submitted, it'd be nice to see an announcement recognizing the issue. But I haven't seen anything of the sort on Anno Union or social media, and it's not even been added to the list of known issues on this forum.

    Overall this is just a really poor impression to be making on the new players you gained from the trial and sale, and I hope it's resolved very soon.
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    Hey, thanks for acknowledging the issue and confirming that it's a bug!

    Please keep us updated once you know more!
    Thanks in advance.
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    is there no progress?
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    Same problem here!
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    Its been 2 weeks. Fix?
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    I did not buy the DLC Sunken Treasure and never went on the Expedition (despite the game repeatedly asking me to do so. With the latest update, however, they seem to have removed it (although I did not know I had it) and now will not let me open any of my saved games. This seems to be linked to the latest update and those of us that did not start the Expedition are also being locked out.
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    The problem seems to have got worse not better and now even if you didn't go on the Sunken Treasure expedition access to saved games has been removed with the new update. This makes no sense at all.
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    Any ETA on fix? Its affecting a multiplayer game of mine. It keeps crashing for us to the save game screen, then says for about 5 mins that the save is sunken treasures and is incompatible. After the 5 mins the save can be loaded, but its not the latest save, its one from 5 or 10 minutes before.. We dont have the dlc and at this time would rather not purchase it.
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    Hey, I have this problem. I didn't buy any DLC and now the game is holding my save file of 90 hours hostage unless I pay for some DLC. It feels like I got scammed by Ubisoft.
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