Seen a few youtube videos lately on rework ideas to Tachanka. Figured i might as well join in. So hears my suggestion.

Part one.

His LMG becomes his Primary weapon.

Remove his pistols and his SASG-12 and 9×19VSN become his secondary weapons.

Tachanka has always been about overwhelming is enemies with sheer firepower, this change embraces that.

Part two.

He can still deploy his turret, but the twist is he now has two of them.

When deployed the glass is folded forwards and down, the turret is in its " inactive state ".

In this " inactive state " the turret will provide cover and will function in a similar fashion to the current deployable shields. Difference being it won't provide cover to your lower legs and feet, has only 500 hp and is see through.

But it means defense has two small " Mira window " ish... like deployable shields to use even if they leave you a little exposed.

So thats some extra utility he brings to the table.

Part three.

Tachanka ( and only Tachanka ) can insert his LMG into the turret. As he pushes his LMG in it's mounting bracket the shield quickly rises providing facial cover. The animation will only take two or so seconds to complete. The turret is now in its " active state ". ( LMG MOUNTED AND LOADED !! )

The turret makes the LMG much more manageable, but can still only move 180* like it does currently.

If Tachanka dies while on his turret the LMG is removed and dropped. The turret returns to its " inactive state " once more.

This change gives Tachanka the mobility he needs while still fulfilling his role as an anchor.

He brings some extra utility for his teammates in the form of two shields.

Lastly and most importantly his legendary image remains the same.

Thanks for reading.