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    Wife's Siege application hang, freeze, crash when leaving match.

    If she has to leave a game in progress or just finishing it goes black screen then nothing not even the old ctl+alt+del does jack squat while you continue.

    System hangs for a solid 2 minutes then suddenly pops up says it's crashed

    Only started after this last patch everything else is tip top it's a brand new machine.

    It happens to me as well maybe 2/50 matches

    Anyone else getting this problem

    Ryzen 7 3800x on water
    32GB DDR4 3200
    RTX 2080ti [x2]
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    Nice PC there.

    If your'e wife's PC is okay, then have at look Ubisoft Support's basic troubleshooting.

    Make sure you have all your system and driver updates.
    Reinstall GPU drivers using DDU. https://www.guru3d.com/files-details...-download.html
    Verify files in Uplay or Steam.
    Run Siege and Uplay as admin.
    Disable background apps.
    Disable IPV6.
    Reset your network and router (you will lose you router settings doing this).
    Reset your firewall.
    Reinstall supporting Microsoft software.

    Alternatively, and if the issue persists, contact support with your DXDIAG & MSINFO.
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    same here only i have a amd fx-9370 on water 16gb ram and a rtx 2070 and also after last patch so i think ubisoft have to look into that
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