Vinadry has been proclaiming "the first" smart shelter on the market for many years. So what can a brand new pretty rig like Vinadry do?

Always provide quality scaffolds, at the right price

With the motto to bring the best values ​​to Vietnamese consumers. Vinadry selects the scaffold products we offer carefully.

It is easy to see, even the cheapest models of Vinadry's scaffolds are of superior quality with durable materials such as aluminum alloys, stainless steel cables and aluminum drying bars. This is different from the low-cost, low-quality advertising advertising addresses, the components are mixed with high quality.

Vinadry's scaffold collection has a full range of products from cheap, mid-to high-end products. Each price segment is the typical "faces" that sell well in the market.

In particular, when comparing the price of drying rigs at Vinadry with other addresses, it is easy to see that the price of Vinadry's drying rigs is much cheaper.
Continuously update newer models

Only in Vinadry can customers find beautiful - innovative - innovative drying frames. Yes, in just a short year, Vinadry has released more than a dozen smart models from mid-range to high-end with outstanding products such as Vinadry GP191, Vinadry gp902, 903, Vinadry. GP941, Vinadry GP971.

All of these scaffolds provide a completely different view of smart clothes racks. Because they have a better design, more convenient and better drying capacity. Besides, there are unique advantages such as anti-tangle structure at Vinadry GP971 product.

The best customer service quality

Buying a drying rig at Vinadry customers can be absolutely satisfied with the service. Buy scaffoldings for free shipping, installation at home. In addition, customers are also provided with additional promotional products such as high-class clothes hangers, discounted money to make the safety net for balcony and warranty as the commitment time stated on the product.

Buying a drying rig at Vinadry is safe from quality to price as well as warranty. Bao star in the past years, this brand has always maintained "the king" in the Vietnamese drying market