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    Story Creator Mode Update: August 22

    Hey everyone,

    We'll be deploying a Story Creator Mode Update tomorrow (August 22) during a scheduled maintenance starting at 9am EDT | 3pm CEST.

    Story Creator mode downtime: 30 minutes

    Check out the most notable changes below.



    • New Features:
      • Random Choice Hub: Allows the creator to set a probability of a choice to be randomly chosen. Give more personality to your dialogues with more ways to express joy, sadness or anger. Better yet, make your own Rock-Paper-Scissor game in a dialogue.
      • NPC Icons: NPCs will now be shown on the map, to help creators located where they are spawned and keep the objectives close by.

    • Feature Improvement:
      • Dialogue Editor - Gestures: The creator can now set Gestures during each line of a sequence for each of the participants. They are dependent on the Postures and Facial Expressions of each character set in the Sequence and Lines. It can be found in the Behaviors section of the left panel.

    • Improvement: Obsolete map information is cleared when a Quest has been deleted, e.g. Zones from Zone Starter and Go To Objective.
    • Fixed: Overlapping text in Kill Objective targets.
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    Super, can't wait to incorporate the new options. It will help with my story.
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    These updates are coming thick n' fast - with new features to help with story creation. Thanks for the effort.
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    Please put it in Spanish, thanks
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    here you go @sangrehacker:

    Hola a todos,
    Vamos a implementar una actualización del modo Story Creator mañana (22 de agosto) durante un mantenimiento programado a partir de las 9 am EDT 3pm CEST.
    Tiempo de inactividad del modo Story Creator: 30 minutos
    Echa un vistazo a los cambios más notables a continuación.
    Nuevas características:
    Random Choice Hub: permite al creador establecer una probabilidad de que se elija una opción al azar. Da más personalidad a tus diálogos con más formas de expresar alegría, tristeza o ira. Mejor aún, haz tu propio juego Rock-Paper-Scissor en un diálogo.
    Iconos NPC: Ahora los PNJ se mostrarán en el mapa, para ayudar a los creadores ubicados donde se generan y mantener los objetivos cerca.

    Mejora de características:
    Editor de diálogos - Gestos: El creador ahora puede establecer gestos durante cada línea de una secuencia para cada uno de los participantes. Dependen de las posturas y expresiones faciales de cada juego de caracteres en la secuencia y las líneas. Se puede encontrar en la sección Comportamientos del panel izquierdo.

    Mejora: La información obsoleta del mapa se borra cuando se ha eliminado una misión, por ejemplo, Zonas desde Inicio de zona e Ir al objetivo.
    Se corrigió: Texto superpuesto en objetivos de objetivo de muert
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    First, Thank you for this nice update, this will greatly strengthen the immersion of our stories.

    Possible Improvement
    The gestures of a sequence line are not fluid. The gestures are executed in a jerky manner. In the sense that they only end after pressing "SPACE" (on PC) on the last line displayed in the sentence. That’s too bad. If the whole thing could be done in the first line, it would be much better.

    BUG encountered in SMC
    When validating a sentence (line of Dialog box, or Choice box) and when the character "?" is at the end of a sentence, it is systematically deleted.
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    Has the manual been updated yet to include the new features?

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    Originally Posted by Atreios1969 Go to original post
    BUG encountered in SMC
    When validating a sentence (line of Dialog box, or Choice box) and when the character "?" is at the end of a sentence, it is systematically deleted.

    I noticed all my question marks were gone when I did a test play. I went into the editor, and they were gone there as well. When I tried to replace them, the validator scrubbed them. Some info for debugging:

    1. It only happens to question marks at the end of a dialog line. They remain in the middle of those lines.
    2. Adding a space after the question mark doesn't stop it from being scrubbed. I imagine there's some sort of right trim statement in the code that's trimming '?' along with spaces and perhaps other characters.
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    Been reported already. Hope to see a hotfix soon. The suggested workaround is to add a period after the question mark until the fix is made.
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    Will there be a story creator update when the Title update 1.5 is released?
    Just reading the notes on the update and it mentions the SCM.
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