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    r6s problem

    When am playing r6s after two or three rounds it just kicks me out to desctop. Whats the problem and how to i fix iT
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    It'll be best if you contact Support with your MSinfo and DXDIAG reports attached so they can investigate why you're crashing mid way through a game.
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    ingilizcem olmadığı için konu açamıyorum. konu nasıl açabilirim? K/D gösterme ile ilgili bir geri bildirimde bulunacağım.
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    so bad

    this game is going wrong to help new comer. hitbox are terribles, bug everywere, headglitch, and the enemy can see you and you can't see him, so game dinamics are horribles, the scope don't aim right and the player who have a good aim go wrong, couse if i slide my mouse right and left, i can take a perfect hs, it's full of toxic player and ddosser, ping abusers, and hacker. but ubisoft put new ranks and new battle pass, only economic and design contenent so this game is so bad now and ubi put usless thins for nothing. they don't think about this, only design maps and operetors rework. NICE UBI.
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