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    Upgrade Intel and Treasury for Region 5

    It seems strange that these very important production rooms were left out in Region 5's upgrade list.

    There was a sense of consistency before that it should take 'X' time to fill and when you upgrade, the time will move down to that time again as you progress.

    However right now we have Heroes filling the bank in little over an hour.
    And intel production has not changed at all since region 4 While intel costs go up. Another thread suggested intel production skills. That would be a great help as the difference in production values is miniscal between 600 production and 350 in the Intel gathering. However the difference is noticeable in all other rooms.
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    I've been advocating 3 skill common toons having intel bonuses for months. But we got tiers in helix events instead...

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    +10000 to this,
    for treasury i would change the time to make it full to 6 hours (so we can sleep and don't be entering every 1.30 hs to grab the cash), and depending on the character, the max amount it can take.
    for intel, a boost to the fill rate and max amount would be adequate
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