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    Delayed until 2020 - and the prices are outrageous

    I'm OK with the delay to 2020.. Stuff happens, extra work needs to be done, and you want it to be right. Everyone involved in making the game want it to be the best it can be at launch.

    The prices however, seem outrageous for it series. I probably sound like an old dog for saying this; but I feel this is ****ting on the good old fan base. And newcomers to the series might be put off from this price range to begin with.

    Having a day one DLC; that's also off putting. The price difference is €30 from the standard to the Gold Edition. That's a lot.
    And really, the carrot you throw at us to buy the Gold edition with "Play 3 days earlier" is a joke. Paying that kind of money to play a game should grant you access to a secret club with closed alpha/beta and closer contact with the developers to give priceless feedback from the fan base (or newcomers eager to throw money at you) so you feel you're investing into the whole experience.

    This game better be ace for that price. There's no way I'm pre-ordering, and there's hardly a chance I'm buying at full price. It's just too much.
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    I agree with you. As an original Amiga Settlers 1 player, it's fair to say that this game has been a massive part of my life. I honourably failed many exams due to playing it. The price takes a massive dump on the fans. There is no other way to say it, as crass as it sounds. Poor show!!
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    Yes the delay is not a problem but the price ticket is outrageous.

    Also am not happy that the Current Settlers 7 is unplayable in multiplayer and no one seems to be addressing the problem at UBISOFT all too busy obviously.

    I am not going to shell out cash for a new game when I can no longer play the ones I have!!
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    1. Price

    I do understand your frustration but you need to understand games prices this days will be like that. Look at example Monster Hunter World which cost on release 49£ and you can finish story line in 60 hours but you can play after limitless what give some people more than 250h of fun. The Settlers game is on tricky market and all this effort devs do to make this game need to bring back costs of making it happen. If you are real Settlers fan and wait for this game few years to come and whats better will play this game for hours I don't think its a lot.

    2. Release date

    I don't mind if its this year or next as I do wait for this game for years already and rather to have it finished than patched each day as something don't work.
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    Hello guys,

    while the stance on the price itself is up to the individual, of course, the 60€ (or regional equivalent) are the standard price for most video games nowadays (as HgizmO also mentioned).

    To elaborate on the Gold Edition and the "day 1 DLC":
    'Monuments & Merchants' is the first big expansion/add-on for the game. It will not be available on release of The Settlers (not a "day 1 DLC") but release later. This will be a full, proper expansion to the game with the rough contents described here - that's also the reason for the price. You will, of course, also be able to buy the expansion on its own later on.

    We've seen some reports regarding The Settlers 7 and will investigate these next week.
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    So for me to pre-order it will cost me €60 and if I wand the Gold Edition it is €90. For a game that has been released a bunch of times before. Ok, I guess I'm fine with the price. Will I at least also get an extra key for Steam platform then? Better be!!! Or else, I'm buying Civ 6 and this game well... can stay in the graveyard for all I care until it will be on a 75% sale. Nobody is desperate enough to buy this game anyways... Too many other games like it to play out there. Sorry.
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    The game will only be available on the Ubisoft platform, just like Anno 1800 is. So no Steam key.
    And i agree on the pricing. If there is NO beta to test it out properly for me to decide to pay 60 euros beforehand i am going to wait months until some kind of sale and enough reviews.
    Because this reminds me of the new Simcity, loads of people bought it right away and it was lousy.
    And since there are no more Demo's like in the old days, people want to know what they buy.
    And usually the video's are just video's they don't represent the game playing very well for me.
    Speaking from a hard core building gamer who owns tons of building games, including all the Settler ones.
    Paying 90 euros for a game. Well then everything better be lay in gold or something???
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    I just bought the gold edition. There are rare strategy games in gaming world like The Settlers, AoE.. And these games deserve high prices. It can be high maybe.. But you play it for a very long time.. This game will be AoE4 killer also imo Best strategy game with relaxing gameplay so do not wait for buying it.

    (Any Turkish players, please pm to me)
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    With all Respect to the Devs and Ubisoft decision makers.
    Playing 3 days early is worthless.
    Decorative Building are cute and nice but in game are worthless too
    (decorative for me it mean that it only gives a different look to something without special exclusive Benefits in game) <----- disappointing

    Gold Edition should add and give the full Season pass to The Settlers and not only first Expansion.
    I will put my money on the Gold Edition of the Game because I am a fan and I do want to support the developers to keep working on the settlers for many years to come.

    So I ask you to please Reconsider The Gold Edition Goodies and give us the complete season Pass by Buying the Gold Edition Version of the Game.
    Thank you.
    With Love, Your Customers.
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    I won't buy this game for one reason. I bought Settlers 2 and 3 HE. There are so many bugs in History Edition that I doubt that those games were even tested. I own oryginal big box versions that had less bugs than the new ones. Last "funny" patch was about 10 months ago. They " adjusted campaign mission 9 text to avoid potential confusion" and added "option to use oryginal s3 scrolling" - THATS IT! AFTER SO MANY MONTHS! P.S. And there are no refounds. Other funny fact. All my old posts were deleted from this forum... I wonder why.

    I still can't understand how it's possible that in S3 HE - AI doesn't produce any soldiers..and contain more bugs than oryginal..how this game passed internal QA ?? Only one possible scenario is that the source code of S3 was taken from earlier version of the game - not from the release version which was sold on CDs. After that no one cares to check if everything was ok with the game.
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