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    Vibration not working

    I have lost vibration on Lenevo tablet. It's ticked in the settings but has stopped working for every track.

    I have latest firmware installed, and the game has the latest update.

    Any ideas?

    And vibration is on in android settings as well.
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    Did it work and then stop? Or has it always been that way?

    I had a similar with my S8+ where the game would randomly stop providing vibration until I closed and restarted it. Not sure if same, but the game does have some weird symptoms around the same.
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    Yep it used to work before the update which stopped android 4 or 5 working, I had to update to android 6, since then no vibration
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    Same situation with Galaxy Tab S4 T830. I had vibration turned on berore hard reset but after reset i can't turn it on again.
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    This previous thread was for vibration that just stopped working. Currently, however, it seems that vibration was taken completely out of the game and that there is no longer the button to re-enable it.
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