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    Try Anno 1800 for free until August 25 and discover the new Day & Night Cycle!

    Experience the Industrial Revolution and Be the First to Test the New Day & Night Cycle during the Anno 1800 Free Week!

    Today, we announced that Anno 1800 will be free to play for the occasion of gamescom 2019. Until August 25*, players will be able to get a first glimpse at the upcoming day & night cycle free update, releasing on September 10 for all the players. In addition, the second DLC of the game, Botanica, will also release on September 10 as part of the Season Pass.

    Find more information in our official announcement here!
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    Super. Got news on bug fixes as well?
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    Hey FurryBeast,

    we will share the Patch Notes for Game Update 5 soon.

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    Want to fix the Sunken Treasures DLC Bug from the last 'free' weekend. I cant access my 40 hour saves
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