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    The "I Got Banned Thread" FAQ

    Since we've had a few of these with the new banwave, thought this might be worth it.

    Probably two reasons you've been banned.

    1. BattlEye detected your cheats
    2. You consistently partied with a cheater, and we're ignorant to them using cheats

    Here's the two responses you shall receive for each.

    1. Your account was banned correctly for 'Being a Cheater'.
    Something something, probably HWID banned so a new account won't work. Lesson learnt, don't cheat on games and thanks for providing money to Ubisoft. (Not like they really need it).

    2. Your account was banned correctly for 'Being Boosted by a Cheater'.
    You have been queuing with someone in a pre-made squad X amount of times who has been banned for cheating, this ban cannot be removed and will expire after 15 days from the date of issue.

    If you get banned, there will be no sympathies in the forum, and if it's not permanent consider yourself lucky and wait it out.
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    If you want to discuss the ban further, you'll need to contact the Support Team.
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    The real issue is that Ubi can not discuss ban issues in open forums. They also can't disclose a players background nor can they adjust anything from here. A ticket must be issued. The community in general will (as seen recently) only bash the player into high heaven and eventually the threads are going to be locked.
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    More quotes from our Ubi Rep for those who get banned.

    Originally Posted by Ubi-Watermelon Go to original post
    Hey there,

    15 days is the highest length of temporary ban we issue, we skip all previous time lengths and go straight to 15 days. We keep track of who has been previously banned for "being boosted by a cheater" and if the same behaviour continues on that account, we can ban permently.

    The battle against the people who create new cheating software is never going to be over, for any game this will be a 24/7 fight. When a new cheat is created, BattlEye has to have time to investigate what that user is doing, how they are doing it and what is different from the cheaters profile compared to legitimate players. So for a visual example;

    Player A is cheating using ABC Cheats and have been playing for 1 week, The BattlEye client has to monitor that profile and then ban once configured to realise what that profile is doing differently and how to detect other users that are using ABC Cheats.

    Once that person is banned, we look into who has been pre-made queuing with that user, anything over an X amount of times (which we're not obviously going to share) are deemed as an accessory to that in some regard and receive the 15 day ban. This person hasn't actually been cheating technically, this is why only 15 days are applied as a first measure.

    We have several ban waves throughout each season, but BattleEye bans continuously throughout regardless. The bans for 'Being Boosted By A Cheater' go out in waves, because it takes time to look through that many profiles and confirm they were actively queuing with a known/then banned cheater.

    Nothing is as simple as "Just ban them all permanently" and from the outside I can definitely see why that would be the go to answer to fix everything, but it just isn't. Things take time and things need to be investigated properly.
    As for re-offending raskals...

    Originally Posted by Ubi-Watermelon Go to original post
    This definitely isn't the case I can assure you, otherwise we wouldn't be banning them. If they carry on and do it again on the same account, we'll know about it and act on it.
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    Sounds like they'll be more ban with the DDoS'ers getting hit.
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