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    I'm another supporter of the annual membership. I've been a member for a short while and would definitely purchase an annual subscription.
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    PLEASE UBISOFT JUST MAKE IT LIKE 80 BUCKS A YEAR AND I'LL GET IT AGAIN. I really don't want to pay 15 bucks a month, 10 bucks a month for single months is a great price point for me, 15 is just too much. I'll give you 100 bucks for a year even (and I make 150k a year).
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    UPLAY+ Annual Subscription

    I love UPLAY+ Annual Subscription i am crazy for gaming thanks ubisoft and all gamers visit
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    I have a question now. I am using peppol as a payment method. Is there any possible way to switch my sub from MC to peppol? Will it be supported in any way or it's better to to stick to good ol' cards?
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