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    I still have the problem of loading the screen for a while I opened a ticket but no one has solved the problem. I send the files request but my ticket is being processed. after the screen "loading" in the game now on the site I have the screen "being processed" it's good harm because I really wanted to play this game but Origin prefere take care of Gosht recon Breakpoint . Seriously I think to take it if to still have a screen "loading" and wait for months that the problem be solved. really harm (there is not only "Origin" in life)
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    to say the truth I think no one has the answer to the screen "loading" I write all his for the post goes back and maybe someone helps us
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    Originally Posted by Jonivaliday Go to original post
    to say the truth I think no one has the answer to the screen "loading" I write all his for the post goes back and maybe someone helps us

    Can you provide your case number so I can take a look?

    I would also recommend reinstalling the game if you have not done so already.
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    Probleme de chargement

    J'ai tout fait et rien n'a changer avec mon jeu
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    support told me to:
    - clean install grafik-driver
    - reinstall uplay
    - send log files
    donīt worked

    next i should do:

    -reinstall/repair anticheat
    -deactivate full-screen-optimization(donīt know how it really calls in english. it s under tab compatibility)
    - set easy anticheat to automatic (standart is manual)
    donīt work for me...

    I startet the game few times via geforce experience in window mode while i played another game (total war) in the backround i heard the video starts an the menu was open without a loading screen and i can play. now this isnt working anymore too.
    no more ideas-.-
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    Endless Loadingscreen

    I have the same problem with the loading screen too. For two weeks i started the game and could play. But for a week i stuck in the loadingscreen. I installed the game new and it didn't work , i didn't changed something or did somethingelse with the game. Help me please!
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    To summerize:
    - this problem occurs even, when the system was not changed
    - standard procedures don't work
    - easy anti cheat is not the problem, even repairing it does not work
    - the problem occurs in the time, while connection to the servers is requested
    - there is no error message!
    - this problem first occured months ago, it is not new
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    Same Problem here

    Yesterday, after reinstalling GRW and Uplay and updating both graphic drivers and windows, I found the loading screen still there waiting for me. I've tried to run the GRW.exe directly from the Programx86 folder and it worked... for once. Today that "fix" doesn't work anymore. Hope the can give us a solution soon, this problem is one of the weirdest around.
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    Hi folks,
    Has anyone tried a clean boot in Windows There could be some conflicting software causing this.
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    clean start works for me. i think.

    one after one i reactivate my startprogramms to find the problem. need a bit time.
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