Hi fellow gamers,

So i have a copy of HAWX which i purchased long ago. Sadly its a legacy game and i know there will be no support for this but i just wanted to share how badly ubisoft support is and on top of that they aren't doing anything to help their users.

What happened is that i wanted to play the game after a long time and i realise that my laptop does not have an optical drive, now this game is a legacy game and it does not activate on uplay so i contacted them and asked them to just provide me a way to download the setup so i can play the game on my laptop. Their response was a plain no, they can't do anything about it. Comparing this with EA, i found them way much better. At least they care about their users. Similar incident happened to me when i purchased battlefield 1942, it came with a key which won't activate on origin so they simply added the game to my account as i provided them the key.

Well the point of this post is that if they can't add older games to uplay, they should at least have a download centre for legacy games so a user can enter the key that they have and download it and at least play it, that's all i am trying to propose here. If you wanna have buggy games and if you get so much criticism then at least try to improve the customer service and bring some solutions for your users. The customer service is incredibly pathetic and they are rude as anything. I am posting the transcript of the chat i had with them if in case anyone is willing to have a read. Also attaching links to pics of the game that i own so you guys know its not coming out of anywhere. Now i know this post is not gonna take me anywhere and there will be probably nobody who is gonna do anything about it but i just wanted to raise this concern if ubisoft happen to care about their customers even a bit.

Solution and conclusion: Create a god damn download centre for legit owners so they don't have to buy a god damn optical drive just to play a game, don't be so pathetic.


Chat transcript: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19q...nj0bfVnG6EL7an

Game images: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12c...dmuF3cR2l8M7OK