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    Next GE (Blackout) starts August 19th: 08:00 AM UTC

    Just an FYI for those not following the GE schedule.



    Start: August 19th: 08:00 AM UTC
    End: August 26th: 08:00 AM UTC

    Classified Gear Sets

    Classified D3-FNC (also was in the last GE)
    Classified DeadEye
    Classified Strikers
    Classified Tactician’s Authority
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    Cheers bambihunter 👍 any new players that especially like playing the missions, this will be a good GE event for the best 2 pve gearsets in the game, D3 and tactician 😁 so start grinding them GE credits !
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    Yup and 3 facemaks, i myself will be getting the TAO mask wich i haven't gotten yet, and FYI not just those 2, Striker is also top 3 with D3 and Tactician !!
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    I am going to be hitting this GE hard like I usually do. This one looks fairly straightforward with no real difficult tasks like Falcon Lost no down, or Stolen Signal - Security Wing Skills only. This one does require a run through Falcon's Lost but nothing additional.

    The next GE comes out after BL3 launch, but this account had JUST gotten to 30 the last time Onslaught GE ran, so I only got about half the commendations for it. I'll finish them up. That will conclude all the GE commendations for this 2nd account. Then, depending how good BL3 is, I may have finally move on.

    As of this post, between my two accounts, I have 2,297 on my primary account and 438 hours on my 2nd account. That's 2,735 hours... I'd say I got my money's worth. My main account now has all 14 fully classified gear sets on all 4 characters, and all are fully optimized (with several builds having alternative builds on it as well). My 2nd account only has all 14 optimized for my first character. The other 3 have almost all the sets, but barely started to optimize them as a whole.

    On TD2, I have just 62 hours. The game still bothers my motion sick issues. It has a few cool things, but the character moves like it has extra gravity, loot sucks, crafting and modding are over complicated. There are still lots of glass walls and some skill issues remaining. All that, and I just simply don't like it that much. It did have a lot to live up to though.
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    Yeah, new GE and UPlay seems to be down or something. Cant log into Div or Uplay.....
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    I hope that you were able to log in eventually, if it persists you should contact Support which might be able to assist with any issues you encounter
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    With the exception of buying the caches, I had all the commendations done fairly quickly. This was, as far as difficulty goes, one of the easier ones for the game play based ones. However, it took me over 10 hours just to grind challenging missions to buy the remaining GE caches. I have no idea why that took so much longer. Normally, by the time I have finished the other commendations, I am usually just a few caches away from getting this one as well. I had the others all done, and I had bought the 4 specialized caches, and I think 4 or 5 general caches. So, I had to grind all day just to finish it. I was quite sick of grinding by the end of the day Sunday.

    I'll start another thread in 3 weeks, but a heads up for anyone still reading this thread:

    GE Onslaught:
    Starts - September 23rd: 08:00 AM UTC
    Ends - September 30th: 08:00 AM UTC

    The Classified Gear Sets are:

    Classified FireCrest
    Classified LoneStar
    Classified Predator's Mark
    Classified Reclaimer

    The Playlist includes:

    Warren Gate Power Plant
    Police Academy
    Broadway Emporium
    Russian Consulate
    Stolen Signal
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