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    Patch Notes [June 7th, 2019]

    Hello everyone!

    Here’s a rundown of some topics we added to Sam this week:

    New Conversation Topics


    • What's up with Stadia?
    • When does the Ubisoft E3 conference start?
    • Where is the Ubisoft booth?
    • When is E3?
    • Where to scan my E3 QR code?
    • Do you know the 2019 Star Players?
    • Do you know Snedger? ()
    • Who is Astylia? (Also works with other Star Players)
    • Which games will be at E3?
    • Have you seen the Death Stranding trailer?
    • Tell me about the Rayman live speedrun!
    • I got the horses in the back!
    • What are the Ubisoft Club Fan Kits?

    Rainbow Six Siege

    • What's the E3 Celebrity showdown?

    Assassin's Creed

    • Tell me about the Fields of Elysium
    • Tell me about the Torment of Hades

    Watch Dogs Legion

    • Tell me about Watchdogs Legion!

    Bug Fixes

    • Minor Bug fixes

    Ubisoft Club Team
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    Peut ont espérer avoir sam parler en français ?
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    Pourtant Ubisoft est une compagnie qui est Montréalaise qui se doit de respecter la loi 101 qui est la loi pour la protection de la langue française au Québec.
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