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    Whats the actual point?

    So i just gotta know what is the actual point in these games. like joining an ongoing game and i get kicked instantly. joining and ongoing game and i get TK instantly why is there not a way to prevent that? why do people do this to begin with? there should be a way to close your lobby if you don't want randoms jumping in the middle of the game because im tired of getting kicked out of a game they wouldn't have won had i not been there. i'm tired of getting TK or kicked from games i haven't even started yet. Why is this a thing ? i get it if its ranked and your trying to get better and play with your friends or whatever but in casual I'm just trying to play to get better but no i just get kicked because of no reason and i just gotta know why this is allowed and why is this a thing? If i'm gonna get kicked i want it to be because i TK'd too many teammates i want it to be because it was a bad 2 rounds not because i just joined the game. Can someone anyone give me a reason as to why this is a thing?
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    Based on the voices are heard in a game with 4 randos yesterday, it's because the majority of the players these days are 10 year old boys.
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    Oddly enough the "10 year old boys" I've encountered are some of the more enjoyable players in the siege community. I'd say just man-children trying too hard is the problem, but to each their own.
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    Just today I solo'ed in a couple of matches with some younger folks. Even teamed up in a few games.

    I'm on PC. Is console crazier? because I really do not run into problems with anyone on PC.
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