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    How does AI settle in different zones/sessions?

    Hello all,

    Thinking of starting a MP game with some AI's, but want to take it slowly. How do the AI's handle the different zones (New World/Cape)? Do they settle after a fixed time, depending on their difficulty, or does one of the players have to sucessfully complete the session expedition before the zone becomes available for the AI to colonize?

    Is there a risk of having AI taking the Crown falls island?

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    I can't say conclusively but I Played a game where I couldn't take crownfalls due to not having 103 influence points available for it. I didn't prioritize it sat there for good 20+ hours while AI colonized more than half the islands in the zone but left this alone. I suspect either the AI ran into same influence point issue or this island is off-limits to the AI due to it being the primary quest line for the zone.
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    Hmm makes sense.

    What about new world ? Has someone ever got there and the AI already had islands or the session only exists once one human player has completed the expedition ?
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    I usually play with Expert AIs and yes, even when I race to the New World (last time I've got there in less than 2 hours) half or more of all islands are already taken by AI. So I believe they start to colonize New World and Cape after some fixed amount of time. Mind that I didn't try to wage early war and cripple AI progression, may be if done right it would delay their advance to the other world zones.
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    If you play with the easy AIs you can reach new world before them. They take some time to be there.

    I think it is "sort of" time based, and it depends on the difficulty of the AIs
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    I can confirm that the A.I. can discover and settle both New World and Cape Trelawney, seperate from whatever the player does. If you don't unlock and settle the zone, then the A.I. will

    As a bit of additional information:

    I've played with a Medium A.I. and beaten him to unlocking both zones. I then declared war and blockaded his island of all outgoing to make sure he wouldn't settle any other islands. None of his settler ships managed to get through to the other regions.

    Eventually, an A.I. blockaded in this way, is allowed to teleport a ship to the other regions to start settling there. This means you have to both blockade his home island to prevent them from settling other islands in Old World, and have a fleet standing by in both New World and Cape Trelawney to intercept teleported ships.
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    Thank you all for the responses.

    Originally Posted by gciniciato Go to original post
    I think it is "sort of" time based, and it depends on the difficulty of the AIs
    That was what I suspected. If this is like the previous Anno's, maybe it is possible to figure out this information from the AI xml files.
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    I never experienced easy AIs getting to another region before me, I have seen medium AIs doing it.

    In case of hard AIs, however, not long after release I played with three hard AIs, just to get an Annoholic achievement I believe. And then I was the first to reach artisans, I even finished the expedition before any of the hard AIs had artisans. When I got to the New World all islands with plantain fertility were taken and AIs had plenty of obreros on their islands.

    So in case of easy AIs you can chill, there is no rush. In case of medium, if you develop quickly you can settle in another region before them. In case of hard AIs there is a possibility that no matter what you do, they will be faster. However, I didn't really test it after recent patches, they could have changed something.
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