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    Hit registration issues - Follow-up


    Last week, we made back-end changes in an attempt to lessen the reported hit registration issues, where players experienced shooting a whole magazine into an enemy NPC and no damage registering, as well as no damage numbers showing.

    We have monitored your feedback and the occurrences seem to have lessened but we want to make sure we follow-up with you.

    If you're still experiencing these extreme situations where you empty a full magazine into a NPC and no damage is done and no damage numbers show up, please provide us with your Ubisoft username. You can leave your information in this thread.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    / The Division 2 Team
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    Had a couple yesterday. Roosevelt Island, last stage, heroic. Dumped a bunch of stoner rounds (a bunch) into an elite (not juggernaut) behind a trailer. Clear line of sight between us. I couldn't touch her or the gas cylinder beside her. Was able to pop an enemy drone that was in the same line but higher.

    I wrote off the gas can because sometimes one remains after a group of them pops but is inert.

    Had a great time though. I shot Bullet proof Becky from the side after moving.
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    In the "Conflict" shooting full horn in the user damage is not recorded. It has no drone. In response, I may die instantly or behind cover for 2 seconds. This problem appears periodically among the whole group in discorde, minimum of 20 people. Everyone at least once faced it.
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    Had one during raid

    Had one during raid during Razorback. Switched weapons back and forth and issue went away.
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    Hey hey,

    Thanks for your reports.
    However, make sure to leave your Ubisoft name (you can even PM me if you prefer).

    Thank you
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    Has this issue been known to affect specialization weapons like the grenade launcher? or is that expected to be a separate issue?
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    I've not made any local recordings when it happened to me as I didn't have OBS recording but it did happen yesterday to InigoMontoya.
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    Never had issues like this since day one (800+ play time) yea happens that game crashes sometimes since im using dx12 but that is all.
    Since this morning game become really unplayable. Other games are still running without any issues.

    Video will explain all but here what is happening!
    - No bullet registration.
    - After every reload there is delay from 5-10 seconds where i cant shoot.
    - Cant loot/pickup stuff from the ground or in some cases there is significant delay.
    - After few minutes DELTA 03 error.
    - Issue is same in my world instance or joined someone else.

    - Other player world instance

    - My world instance

    - Shooting range

    Uplay: b4dspawn
    Platform: PC

    If there is any info i could provide please let me know.
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    I am having above problems today for the first time, not sure if it's related to topic.

    I am not able to play the game at all. I have tested few other games just to see if problem is on my end but those games were runnin fine.
    Also everything else regarding internet usage is working just fine.

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    shooting and drone

    Hello. here ist agent Columbus007-Ger
    At the moment I have the problem that I shoot at the opponents and nothing happens. Played a bounty. The opponents even had RED bars, so easy opponents, remained unharmed. 2 magazines with assault rifle empty shot. I was killed but the drone did not react at first, then shortly set to heal. And then nothing more.
    So I had to cancel a bet again.

    The game has not crashed since the last update (23.07.2019). That's the right direction.

    P.S. Translated from English to German by Google Translater
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