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    Live summit error

    I ranked in silver meaning that I would get the pagani zonda f yesterday then today when I came on I am ranked bronze again.
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    Could it be possible that the "error" are just a bigger bunch of players who collected more points than you did?
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    This is not an error, the LIVE Summit is a leaderboard-based competetion against other players. If you want to get the rewards, you have to keep an eye on the Summit and improve your scores if needed.
    Summits end on Wednesdays at 4am (CET). After the Summit's end, you will get the rewards (if you reach enough score for gold, you will earn the rewards for gold, silver and bronze).
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    It's not an error. The rankings are final only at the point of weekly reset - on wednesday. If you raise enough points to get into certain bracket in the beginning of summit, it doesn't mean you will be able to hold that position by the end of the week.

    It just mean other people tried as well, got better scores and got in front of you, pushing you out of top 15k positions.

    In any case, you can do at least gold easily, just finish all the events with whatever cars you have and you get the gold score like nothing. It's only platinum where it gets a bit tricky sometimes and the decent gear is required.
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