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    BUG: Wrong colours in child mode

    I bought Just Dance for my 5 years old child to dance with.

    We have a Nintendo Switch with the standard red and blue controller.

    In the menu, the red and blue one controls right, if we use the joystick on the red one, the red marker moves, if we use the joystick on the blue one, the blue marker moves.
    So we can select witch person on the dance floor.

    BUT! When we dance, the red controllers dance seems to end up in the blue points, and the blue controllers dance ends up as the red points.

    If one controller never moves, that color wins!

    Can you please fix this bug?
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    Thanks for reaching out about this! I'll try and find other reports of this and pass them onto the team if this seems to be an issue. Could you try the troubleshooting in Nintendo's Joy-Con FAQ? Also try a different pair of joy-cons if possible. You can pair them following this FAQ.
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