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    Ooh, that's great. I'm very pleased to get "The Loner".... one of the songs that I've requested in the past.

    (Incidentally to the tangential discussion above, I've also requested loads of Marillion... I'm not sure what our chances are of getting them at some point. The only thing I could see is that they might not be that popular outside the UK in the 1980s and so many people won't have heard of them.)
    I've requested them a good few times, a handful of songs from both the Fish and H eras (Easter would be amazing!), like you said though, not 100% sure on the chances of us getting them. It'd be a shame because they are such a fantastic and underrated band, some very powerful music released by them and Steve Rothery is a master at the guitar. I'd love to see a dedicated pack but failing that even one track thrown in as part of an 80s or Neo-Prog pack would be interesting.
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    I really want one of the other tracks to be "End of the World" or "Victims of the Future", for obvious reasons

    but it's likely going to be "Still Got the Blues" and "Parisienne Walkways", possibly "Wild Frontier"
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    Originally Posted by Femacejo Go to original post

    Wishing for "Shapes of Things" and "Still Got the Blues".

    His live version of Red House is magnificent.

    Hope they get this Xbox360/XboxOne issue fixed by Tuesday.

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    Called one : )
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