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    I would like to join

    Im a level 158 was gold three last season my gamer tag is mikeylinton271
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    Im a gold 3 and my GT is HoPe drizzY

    I need a team I always solo queue and its hard to win with no team
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    Can I join?

    R u guys still recruiting? I was wondering if u needed to change ur name to join? like Spartan DaDoublePUG or something, if so I cannot as I'm poor lol.
    My GT is: DaDoublePUG

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    İ am looking forward to join

    Hi i am looking for a team to join i am gold 1 0.9 k/d my GT is:SvelteDwarf266
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    Gamer tag is teflondapperdon

    Level 146 gold 3 I would like to join
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    Teflondapperdon is the gamertag

    Level 146 gold 3 looking for a team
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    Hey, I'd like to join.

    Hello, I am a Gold level player on Xbox one playing with a controller, I play on Oceania or NZ servers. I would love a good team to play with in ranked or maybe one day ESports!
    If you're not in Oceania I can't really join. Thanks for reading
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    Would be interested

    GT is GIRTHY M8 currently a solo playing plat 3 player. Not toxic easy to play with and fairly skilled.
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    look to join a team

    Hi im 13 my name is Rae i normally get gold 3 plus and my KD is0.9 i have over 370 hours on ranked i have played 1240 games and won 629 i messed about alot but i wanna start to take it serious and my win rat is 50.7% win rate and if i join i will always the best of my ability to do the best for the team if i can join text me on instagram @rae_marshall06
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