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    Apologies for not responding sooner, I was a bit dis-heated by this and moved onto another game, but I'd like to get this resolved if possible. I joined a Facebook community group and posted the same question, no one was able to provide an answer.

    If you look at my Facebook post below, it provides additional details and photos.


    After watching a couple of YouTube play-throughs, the one thing I did notice is I didn't have the captain appear as soon as I developed to the arisitians
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    I ran into this exact same issue and have not been able to figure out why it happens. I contacted ubisofit and I am still waiting to hear back, however it definitely seems like a bug that needs to be fixed.
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    Hello, the issue is described on the images on Google Drive. Thanks Tom
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    AI sunk my expedition ship
    Now I cant do an expedition to the new world I only get to see an all gray map
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    Cant start exspedition

    I can see several people in here has same issue as I have. When I get the artisians the icon to start the exspedition to the new world does not appear. So it seem that there is a bug. I hope the developer will solve this soon, otherwise the game is not worth anything!!!
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    Still waiting for a reply also that the bug is noted and they will try to fix it before the next expansion
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    Cannot get to the new world

    Same issue here. Even started a new game and got the same problem. Cannot get any further in the game without this bug fixed. I hope they make this a priority and fix this soon.
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    Have the same problem. Please Support give any Feedback!!
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    Wanted to start new game because botanica but the new world bug is still there also influence still becomes randomly lower after load game -11 negative now
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