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    Session band is on strike and refuses to play

    Probably a real simple solution ... I think somehow I have changed some setting that is muting my session band. Everything else runs fine ... Mixer settings seem normal, "music" volume set at about 60%.

    Did I do something to piss off the band? Are they on strike? Drunk? Van broke down? Forgot the gig? Got the wrong address?

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    Please let me know what happens when you try to play this game mode, and I'll look into it for you!
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    Problem solved ... when it started acting up I had been playing RS "Non-stop play" for about two hours, switched over to Session Mode and there was no band .... today I restarted the game and Session Mode was working fine. So all is good.

    I have noticed that when playing Non-Stop Play mode for more than an hour or so ... things start getting kind of strange and sometimes there is no music. Restart the game and it's fine again.
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