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    Cross platform ideas

    Possible ways you can impliment cross platform and still have a way for fair play would be to have a option to turn cross play off so you can only be matched with players from the same console, you could also allow for players who are using mouse and keyboard to be paired up with pc players or other mouse and keyboard Console players. That's all my ideas, thank you and enjoy ya day xx
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    The new CoD does this along with other games like Halo Wars. You would have to incentivize people to use it though. Maybe a 10% renown booster for playing it (it's small enough to not upset the economy, but would still convice people to select it).
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    I wouldn't mind playing against Xbox players but not PC players. It's bad enough when console players use MnK and it seems to be undetectable because they use 3rd party devices.
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    Hey all!

    As of right now, crossplay isn't something we're currently working on. If that changes in the future, you can count on us to let everyone know!
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