I'm sure this will be a divisive opinion (because good Lord gamers can complain about anything) but I am LOVING this event. Finally, an interesting event mechanic that's actually fun! I dislike the fact that you have to purchase the outfit to get maximum performance out of the buggy, but as this is my favorite mobile game I judged it worth the expense... and BOY am I glad I did! I started having a lot more fun once I began running tracks for time rather than he3. Besides, if you only touch the ground two or three times per track, it really limits how much ore you can lose!

I wish I had videos of these, but here are some track times so you can see what I mean. In some cases, I took less than half as long as my best regular-bike record!

So basically, thanks for actually putting time and effort into this event. I really (really really) hope the moon buggy will be available to add to the garage - in the crazy bikes class, of course - soon after the event! Just... give everyone the opportunity to get the outfit too, yeah? Or make the outfit unnecessary after the event ends.