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    Year 3 / Season 3 / Jormungandr Feedback

    Greetings Warriors,

    With the launch of Year 3 Season 3, we would love to hear your thoughts on a number of topics. We’d like to ask that you leave your comments, feedback, and thoughts for our newest hero, Jormungandr. This will allow us to better organize your initial feedback for the fight team.
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    I did not have the chance to play Jorm yet, but please, make one female version with a good haircut!
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    What is this feedback good for????
    You won't change anything and don't listen to the community, like always.
    But I can say that he takes way to much stamina with his attacks. Cant handle this in 4v4
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    In 1v1 he seems very weak and limited, but in 4v4 modes his stamina damage is just too much, I believe it has to be reduced depending on how many heroes are attacking one target.
    And his features need some nerf, it's not fair that he can heal that much or get a big life shield for punishing a downed opponent.
    And his throwing weapon, that lets you OOS and damages you is also too strong for 4v4 modes.
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    I just unlocked Jormungandr, and I’m honestly a bit disapointed. First of all he’s too small( I say he because I play male version). I was hoping Jormungandr would be something like Shugoki, big, strong, scary and really heavy. Furthermore, his look is not so good. He looks too wild, like some tribal cannibal. Too many bones, paint and edgyness(vikings looked far more civilized).Moving on, his voice, walk and guard stance are all too ladylike. And please give him some heavier armor, actually all heroes should get heavier armors. More chest plates for knights, more chainmails for vikings etc. A hero who uses a war hammer should be an embodiment of power and what better way to do so with a viking hero, than giving him a furry cape, heavy chainmail, long braided beard, bear head hood, rich helmet and so on. But don’t think I’m just some negative guy trashing all over Jormungandr. I love Ubisoft, I really love For Honor and I’m extremly grateful for these three beautiful years and hope for at least three more. Whether you listen to me or not, thank you Ubisoft.
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    I played the character quite a bit and now understand them

    1. has amazing synergy with other heroes who can knock down there opponents example highlander, BP, valk, and tiandi.
    2. decent hyper armor good for trades p.s. hyper armor starts at 400 ms for Jormungandr.
    3. great stam pressure.
    4. high survival ability in ganks when they have their feats.
    1. low heavy damage when opponent has stam a possible fix would be increase the side heavy damage from 25 to 30 and top heavy from 30 to 35 and end chain heavy's from 30 to 35.
    2. high recovery on neutral bash so opponents who have a side doge attack can counter this hero easily at high level.
    3. has no way to counter bashes except the standard doge gb.
    4. short range so has a hard time punishing opponents who back doge a good way to fix this is buff the feint into guard break forward movement the same buff Aramusha got.

    This hero has the possibility to be a amazing hero but falls flat in some aspects but overall a fun hero If I had to place this hero in a tier list it would have to be mid B tier.
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    They do too much stamina damage, have too much Hyper Armor, the hammer slam does too much damage, and the shield it grants is too much shield. I have yet to win a 1v1 vs. a Jorm, and even in a 2v1 they have a good chance of winning, not killing one of us; winning.

    Also I've noticed. If you don't block their first attack, all of their follow ups become unreactable. I've got video of it.
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    "Too much hyperarmor."

    (Has hyperarmor on the heavy openers, the forward dodge heavies and the hammerslam only)
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    Originally Posted by Goat_of_Vermund Go to original post
    "Too much hyperarmor."

    (Has hyperarmor on the heavy openers, the forward dodge heavies and the hammerslam only)
    So basically the attacks that they'll use to start the hammer/punch combo that if you suck like I do makes it impossible to actually do anything other than wait for them to be done.
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    Pretty bad. Combat: It has a hammer that never uses and when he does damage is lower than Aramusha’s (to name one). Too many anti-fun movements. Too few movements does not allow for varied gameplay. Boring to play with and frustrating to play agains (specially on console). Sound: annoying. Design: too small for a hammer like that. Better delete and start over.
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