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    Developer Update: From a Distance

    Hello everyone! It’s Toller here, sneaking into my empty studio once more to bring you our newest Developer Update!


    Here’s this week’s Weekly Timetable:

    It's Ranged Week, so if you're like me and you prefer an archer to a tank, this is for you! The Rangers Challenge will be up in the middle of the week, so keep an eye out for that! This week will also be a good one for those who enjoy card use events the most; we've got one almost every day! Here are the events and the cards you'll be able to use for each one:

    Mecha Timmy Monday:
    • Mecha Timmy
    • Marine Craig
    • Alien Clyde
    • Alien Drone
    • Mind Control
    • Astronaut Butters
    • Toolshed
    • Chicken Coop
    • Regeneration
    • Mimsy
    • Stan of Many Moons
    • Classi

    Angel Wendy Tuesday:
    • Angel Wendy
    • Unholy Combustion
    • Hermes Kenny
    • Zen Cartman
    • Hercules Clyde
    • Poseidon Stan
    • Fastpass
    • Transmogrify
    • Terrance & Phillip
    • Marine Craig
    • Bandita Sally
    • Mr. Mackey

    Human Kite Wednesday:
    • Human Kite
    • The Chomper
    • Toolshed
    • Tupperware
    • Dwarf King Clyde
    • Buccaneer Bebe
    • Nelly
    • Witch Garrison
    • Scout Ike
    • Enforcer Jimmy
    • Sheriff Cartman
    • Starvin' Marvin

    Incan Craig Weekend:
    • Incan Craig
    • Pocahontas Randy
    • Hookhand Clyde
    • Fireball
    • Pirate Ship Timmy
    • Smuggler Ike
    • Tupperware
    • Paladin Butters
    • Cupid Cartman
    • Alien Queen Red
    • PC Principal
    • Nathan

    Team Wars is on-going too, so be sure to get your votes in and collect those Bottle Caps! Your team needs you, New Kid!


    The fix we discussed last week is now available! Hurrah! If you update your game and you still run into the previous issues (No lockers after Call Girl tasks, Call Girl tasks not being completed properly), please reach out and let us know. You can either let me know (Not Buck, he's still away and your message will not be answered quickly) or you can reach out to our Ubisoft Customer Support Team.

    If you are one of the final players to still not hear back about missing Card Packs from the Battle Pass "Claim All" issue, please also reach out to Ubisoft Support for that as well. Anyone I've reported has been adjusted, but if anyone out there is still missing items, they are going to be the ones to help!

    As a general reminder to those who don't know, there is sometimes an issue with collecting reward packs in Team Wars. If this has happen to you, don't worry. It's easy for us to check and see what you earned if the animation was skipped for you. Please let me know your in-game name when you check in about this issue, I do need that to look it up. I'm out of the office today as it's a holiday here in NS, but I will be back for regular hours tomorrow and I'll be sure to get back to you as quickly as I can.


    Tomorrow will be the first Tuesday of August, which means it will be time for our season reset! There will be no balance changes this season as the launch of Superheroes occurred instead! We do still have our list of who needs to be looked at though, so don't think any of your comments about this have been ignored. We're still keeping track of what everyone is sharing and discussing. Also, if you run into a missing pack issue here like the one I mentioned above, the same procedure can be followed there too. Let me know your current in-game name and then I can check for you.


    Don’t forget: We have opened the official “South Park: Phone Destroyer Discord Server”. If you’re interested in joining, click HERE

    Please review the following Terms of Use and Policies before joining the Discord, as you’ll need to agree to these terms before gaining access.
    Ubisoft Terms of Use: https://legal.ubi.com/termsofuse/
    Ubisoft Privacy Policy: https://legal.ubi.com/privacypolicy/
    Discord Community Guidelines: https://discordapp.com/guidelines
    Discord Terms of Service: https://discordapp.com/terms

    That’s all the news I’ve got to share at the moment, but I’ll be quick to share any new updates or details about anything as I hear them. Do get in touch with any issues or questions you may have, we're always happy to help!

    Until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!

    Hearts and Hugs,
    -Your Community Team!
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    Incan Craig weekend + no balance changes.

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    Well, this is disappointing... I at least expected a new card.
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    It states it's a card usage event, and the description backs that up.
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    Papá Timmy tiene que valer 7, Inca Craig esta muy roto con su láser (quiten poder del laser y mejoren las lanzas? Y Cartman Zen esta muy roto, que tenga menos vida o que tarde en usar su poder o que dure menos... miren bien que lo usan siempre los legendarios esas cartas
    Cartas para modificar en orden urgente:
    1 Papa Timmy
    2 Cartman Den
    3 Inca Craig
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    Nah, we're not going to nerf the card everyone has been asking to nerf, rather we will PROMOTE Him! What a disaster! FAIL.
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    How hard is to code a 10-20% drop in damage to incan
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    Hmmmmmm..... 24-hour card-use Sci-Fi event on the day before season reset = event I'm not finishing

    There's no way I'm going to take the SR drop that would come from using a substandard deck in Legendary on the day before I get to collect the arena 12 season reset pack!
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    Has the bug where people couldn't access the weekend event and had to reinstall the game every time just to collect their rewards been fixed? Or how about the bug where PvP packs couldn't be opened?

    for your reference



    At least an update would be nice or even an acknowledgement of the issue.
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    I think a great update to the game would be having more deck slots, at least two more especially now that we have a new theme
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