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    Problem with HDR - 2080ti and LG C9

    Using windows 10 with all updates and latest nvidia drivers.
    I have a oled lg c9 as my main monitor, with hdr on in windows 10 under display.

    When I load the game the HDR logo on my TV shows up nicely, HDR is also on in ACO, and nits is set to about 1000

    In game , looks ok i suppose.

    Then when i adjust the volume on my headset the volume overlay causes the screen to look like this. (is hdr on?) i can't tell what it's supposed to look like with hdr on)

    Not sure what's going on, but it feels like in the first image HDR is not on, when the windows volume overlay shows up, feels like hdr is on.
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    Hey mate,

    I just got the PG35VQ and I have the exact same problem. HDR only turns on when the windows volume overlay is displayed. Did you ever find a solution for this?

    Thanks a lot!


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