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    Character creation

    Hello BGE2 Fans,
    Let’s talk about the character creation system for BGE2.
    I love to create characters in video games and see a big chance to get one of the biggest creations system ever in video games.
    My ideas are:
    1. It seems to be that we have many possibilities to create our character. What about when we could create more than only one character? What if we could create some members of our crew too? It would be great if we can create our main character as human for example but also want to have a tiger hybrid that looks like we want for our first officer. I would give more personality for our game if everybody has their own created crew.
    2. I hope that the creation system will have some sliders for position and different eyes, nose, mouth, ears and more to choose for every hybrid or human too. And please not 10 different faces for every rase.
    3. The customization with clothes and armor should can be layered and colorized.
    4. The style of clothing should go from antic to traditional to modern to futuristic.
    5. Weapons should be customizable too.

    What are your big wishes for the character creator?
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    Human female pirate and reptilian female.
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    I would like them to add some weight options like if a human was obese or muscular
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