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    Lower Last Stand people required

    I've been trying to play the last stand mode on the division to get some last achievements on the game but it seems to be a dying platform. Requiring 16 people to be in the game for it to start means there's almost never a game available. Is there a way to get the requirements to start a match turned down to say 4v4 or even 2v2. You can leave the room limit at 16 but if I can't start a match with less than that I'm afraid I'll never be able to complete the DLC as I can never get a game started.
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    To put this into perspective. We coordinated a group online of 12 people willing to play this game...The 12 of us sat in the matchmaking lobby for 2 hours...we got 1 random person to join in and for 2 hours, 13 people sat in a lobby waiting to play and a match never started....
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