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    AC3 Remastered Sequence 10 alternate methods "tackle from above" not working

    I am unable to tackle from above. I have tried some many times so many ways. when the target is highlighted he will not drop on him at all, if there are enemies with in 10 feet it will automatically target them even though the target I want to tackle is highlighted. I have tried from the Roof, stairs, top railing, along the railing, wire, pole that is coming out of the building just after the wire, the crates at the very end before he gets to his safe spot. I have left it just to see if he gets targeted and he has not. I have tried every button and combination of buttons nothing at all. This is very frustrating.

    Playstation 4 version seems broke. this is the only one that I am unable to do everything else is completed. I have tried this for over 4 hours
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    Hi Tristangdragoon,

    Thank you for reporting that to us, apologies for our delayed response here.

    It seems that some users have found that you need to have Hidden Blades equipped to be given the option to tackle them.

    Taking a quote from a game FAQ Article, although this is above the original game it may still be relevant:
    "Well its absolutely a headache. but there is a solution though its kinda impractical. you'll have to equip hidden blades and outwit the target's speed and climb stairs, jump on the wire wait there with a high profile and when he comes closer, tackle option will appear. Remember to equip hidden blades."
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    I have suffered a lot with this also, but after some research found solution. There is not really that much information on this issue, but the main problem I was facing is the fact that tackle from above is NOT SQUARE. When you run on the ground you have to press SQUARE to tackle. But when you are above you have to press CIRCLE! NOT SQUARE. Furthermore for you to tackle option appear under circle button you need to hold R2. So it's basically R2 + CIRCLE to tackle from above.
    I spend few hours trying different methods and places, but after I found out that combination is R2 + CIRCLE I did it from the first try.
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