So yeah like i said above i have the game on Uplay and randomly crashes, it can happen any time from 5 minutes to 3 hours or more, it doesn't give me an error message it just crashes back to Uplay and then shows it saving the game to the cloud. it can happen during a fight, while I'm walking around town, while i'm crafting so yeah just randomly.
I read online to verify the files which i did though the app, and it shows as all fine.
I updated my graphics drivers just it case that was causing it, it still does crash.
i tried uninstalling Uplay and reinstalling it and yeah it still crashes after abit.
has anyone else had this happen and was able to figure out why and how to fix it?

specs for my laptop are as follows
GTX 1060
Intel i7-6700hq 2.60ghz
16gb ram
1tb hdd+ 256gb ssd (game is installed on the hdd)