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    Editing Appearance of Existing NPC's

    Not sure if this has been addressed, but is there a way to edit the actual appearance of an NPC I've already created? With the new update, I've got more options on appearances, but when I go to edit the character, it only allows me to change the faction, spawn location, etc, not the look. Is there something I'm missing, or do I have to delete the character(s) all-together and start from scratch?
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    I'm checking out that feature just now too. With my existing characters you seem to able to edit their properties only.
    Creating a new character gets you the whole hog with way more options.

    That is with the new NPC character templates not the existing ones.
    Well the old characters don't have the "custom seed" at least.
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    At present, the appearance of the existing NPC can not be changed.
    The only way is to create a new NPC with a different appearance and replace it with an existing NPC.
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    Thanks for clearing that up, i'm glad the creators have added some more templates to play with on top of the existing NPC.
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    Unless it is possible to create NPCs who look like Hermes and Persephone, there is no real diversity in NPC phenotypes. Light complexion is a thing too! Blonds and redheads have a place in Odyssey, as well.
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    Hey there RhenegadeAST,

    Welcome to the forums! Thanks for sharing your suggestions with us. I think this is a good point, and I made sure to pass your feedback along to the team.

    We appreciate hearing your thoughts!
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    Dunno about NPC but a red haired Kassandra - wow, she would look HOT ... damn, did i say that out loud
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    I haven't had a go at creating a story yet, I'll probably try it out after I complete my current NG+. But I was wondering if it was possible to add some or all mercs to SCM?
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    No mercs allowed! I don't think they have any plans for them either.
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    That's a shame. It would be cool if they could at least make them available as just random npc's then. The band manowar were in the game in the early weeks & months of the game as well as some movie actors as merc's. I was hoping that they would be introduced back into the game itself, but after over 7,500 merc kills it doesn't look like that will happen. The dev's obviously put a lot of time & effort into creating them, so making them available as characters in SCM would be a great addition.
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