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    Giant leaps

    Anybody else having problems with “giant leaps “? Bought some of the boosters to cut down regeneration times etc and now the game has frozen. Have tried logging in and out but still no success. Any ideas?
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    A lot of people are having the same issue
    I think its when you use unlimited fuel it triggers an anti cheat algorithm within the challenge files.
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    Issues with timer

    I used my booster to half the time between missions and it seems to have screwed things up because it just says I have to wait 24 hours for the next set of maps. Why force me to use it for the mission and than punish me for 24 hours?
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    I have activated booster time. and this morning after playing the waiting time is not more than 3 hours but 24 hours.

    the problem continues. solutions?
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    Same issue here 😒
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    It happened to me twice.
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    It is a garbage.now the problem arises every day.after i waited for 24 hours,I have reactivated the booster and when was 10 minutes (3 hours at the end)it was still stuck.I will not spend more 40 diamonds for the booster since playing always takes 24 hours
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