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    Object gravity?

    Does anybody know the value of base world gravity?

    This is my first time with Trials and the editor. For some reason, and maybe just to me, the bike feels like it's not effected by gravity like on an extreme track or ninja course. It's like it floats/bounces more than on the harder courses. In order to make things feel more natural I disabled world gravity on the bike and set the value to -1100. I'd like it a little less, but my course was already put together before I figured out how to mess with things and would mean that some obstacles would have to be shifted to work with a heavier bike. Knowing the value of base world gravity would make things way easier for future projects.
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    Realized I could just experiment with a couple of boxes dropped from way up and a flat surface. It looks like -900 represents base world gravity.
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    Yea, -900 is the game gravity, ~ -1000 is real life gravity, I made a falling block timer and cross checked several distances and times with known fall rates, weird they wouldn't keep gravity accurate in a game that claims accurate physics
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    That's cool you figured out real gravity. The bike looks/feels good at -1050 in the track I'm working on, so I'm gonna leave it at that. The setting is very natural, so I was just trying to make everything look more realistic. Plus, at this point, I'm thinking that practicing with a slightly heavier mantis will only help me out with the normal tracks.
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