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    all over the map and few on white house is radios that is there but i cant pick them up but my friend can . its somekind of a bug?
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    Hey Commandante,

    Are they showing when you're in a game by yourself and are you able to pick them up then? It might be that you already have them but your friend doesn't so they're showing for you perhaps?
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    nope . they apeard after episode 1 and i can see them but cant pickup . frend got picedup whit no problem
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    well do i will get any answer?
    how i suppose to collect all radios when i cant get some of them?
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    Okay, so this may help, since I noticed the same issue with me.

    When they released the White Oaks/Manning Zoo stuff, I noticed that many of the comms I'd already collected and were still in my menu to review, started popping up as "new" on the map, but because I'd already collected them, I couldn't pick them up.

    This seems to be happening because they released some new comms into already existing areas, and this may have messed with the tracking. If you want confirmation, when you see a comm that you can't pick up, check your the comms list of the progression menu for a ! icon and I'll be you see one of your comms is set as new.

    If it makes you feel any better, all of the actually new comms I've found I have been able to pick up.

    TLDR; It's an issue with the system thinking already collected comms are new, when they aren't. Just ignore.
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    Thanks for the help Caraamon! I recommend checking this community-created resource to double-check with comms locations, as some have moved or changed after TU5.
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