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    Story Creator Mode Update: August 1

    Hey everyone,

    we'll be deploying a Story Creator Mode Update tomorrow (August 1) during a scheduled maintenance starting at 9am EDT | 3pm CEST.

    Story Creator mode downtime: 30 minutes

    Please find the changes with the update below.


    Story Creator

    • New Feature: Quest Items:
      • Quest Items can now be added and set in an NPCs inventory in the NPCs details. Letters will show the entered text in a small reader on the right side of the screen in-game, giving opportunity to give more context and lore to your Story

    • NPC Creation: Generic NPCs can now be created, giving more options on the actors available for your Stories.
    • Set Variable: Integer Variables can now be incremented, decremented or set to a given value.
    • Dialogue Editor:
      • Choices can now be visible or hidden depending on a variable condition set in the Choice Hub.

    • Variable Condition: Added a tooltip to the Condition Type, explaining the function of each type.


    Story Creator
    • Invulnerable NPCs can no longer be selected as a target in a Kill Objective
    • Objectives can now be linked inside the Objective Group upon their creation.
    • Corrected some typos found in tooltips.
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    I've been waiting for Quest Items and never actually expected NPC Creation. Finally I may be able to create characters that could potentially resemble the characters I may reference or use from other entertainment.
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    This Update is so good!

    Thanks for your effort!
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    This is better then expected! You are a great team. Can't wait to use the new stuff!
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    Yes!! So many cool features added!! Wow! 💜
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    What version would that be?
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    I'm still waiting for more characters, like Deimos and the DLCs characters (Darius, Natakas, Neema, Adonis, Persephone, Hades, Poseidon, etc.), but otherwise it seems great,
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    I don't think they will ever add Deimos because there is no way to know which of the two characters any player is using ...... It looks to me like it would be a logistical nightmare making it work smoothly ...
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    It doesn't address any of the problems I'm having as a player .... For instance XP on headshot kill, adrenaline on hit and +50% adrenaline for Hunter Abilities isn't working for me .... except on animals

    I reported the bug twice and it wasn't even acknowledged ,,,,,
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    The appearance icon (images?) for quest items doesn't appear next to the quest item. I tried all 48 but no luck showing an image.

    Update: Icons are now appearing.
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