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    AC3 Switch costumes donít work!!!

    So yeah NONE of the costumes except ezios works. I know there not working because I go to the general store and switch to ezios robes fine. All other costumes flash like there going on then go back to conners default robes. Edward kenway, Arno dorian, Jacob Frye. None of them work and I had to pay Ubisoft club credits for something I canít even use. What do I even do here??? I bought the game at launch and was like let me wait Iím sure theyíll patch it but here were are and nothing. This is specifically the switch version
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    Had the same issue, but you CAN actually access them - just not the way you thought, Basically, you have to go to the Manor's basement. There, go to the Wardrobe that's located somewhere to the left of the costume display. You can put on your favourite costumes there and only there.
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