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    Same here . . .

    On XBoxOne still missing already bought songs from Jane's Addiction, Papa Roach, as well as the last few packs that were bought for the XBox360.

    I attempted to re-download them to XBOne and it is asking for the full price, still.

    Man oh man . . . what happened to this great game ? Maybe the support teams have been leveraged to other games.
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    I checked again last night (approx. 11pm UK Time),
    I still can't see the Xbox360 purchases I listed in a previous post..
    Thanks to Rev Nul for letting me know - I also can't see any Janes Addiction from the pack I purchased or Papa Roach:Last Resort which was bought as a single.
    If I search for any of the missing tracks / artists within the Learn a Song section then they come up as locked and purchasable.

    If I need to raise a ticket with either Ubisoft or Microsoft please let me know.

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    Hi BeastlyBeasty.

    Thanks for checking on those songs.
    If you haven't deleted them they are probably still on your Xbox 1.
    If you do the Manage game & addons for Rocksmith the ones you
    had installed previously should show up under installed. It will look
    something like the following. Its a quick way to see what older dlc
    you might be missing.

    Rocksmith 2014
    (non working dlc will look like this)
    Papa Roach - Last Resort
    Janes Addiction - (Whatever the song name is)
    (working dlc will look like this)
    Rocksmith 2014 - Song Title by Artist Name

    I would do the ticket with Ubisoft. According to Microsoft the problem
    is on Ubi's end.
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    Hello all. I've never posted to this forum, but I'm having the same issue that everybody else seems to be having. I purchased the Gary Moore song pack on the Xbox 360 and it downloaded properly to that console. When I tried to access and install the same pack on my Xbox One through the manage game screen, it's not there. The Xbox One store wants me to pay for the song pack again. I put a ticket through Ubisoft and received a "it should work" response. Clearly that was not helpful. I have not reported the issue to MS. I welcome any suggestions some of you might have to get this resolved.
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    Hi cdcaudle,

    Not much else you can do.
    Its just a matter of waiting for Ubi to fix it.
    This has been going on about 2 months now so hopefully they will get it fixed soon.
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    Thanks for the advice Rev Null, I'll have a check through my list to see if anything else has gone walking.
    Also thanks cdcaudle. You have confirmed that the Gary Moore pack also doesn't work so I'll hold off purchasing that.

    Rocksmith is great and I appreciate that they have got the tech right for playing (where as Rockband didn't) and continue license some great songs. And I appreciate that most tracks are usable in all versions. It is frustrating that I've spend nearly £3,000GBP on the game but have to wait around 10 minutes for the enumeration to complete and it to confirm what I've purchased. I'm sure a cache could have been kept somewhere and re-verified on a game by game basis when playing. DRM ruining the experience for people who pay support the platform, yet pirates who contribute nothing get a better experience.

    The irony is that the last gen XB360 version is now a lot faster to start than the XBone and so it is what use when I want an impromptu 15 minute play.

    Ha ha. It appears I've turned into a rant......sorry about that!
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    Any word on resolving this issue?
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    Haven't heard anything.

    Gave up on support ticket, as they kept closing it, then got huffy when I'd re-open it.
    What kind of system is closing an unresolved ticket after 4 days and considering it fixed?

    Hopefully we hear something soon.
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    Sad truths is, this has been going on for over 2 months.

    Sad truth is, there has been little to no info regarding any updates/progress.

    Sad truth is, this is not consider a major outage since only 10+ of us are on this forum asking for updates.

    We may have to face the fact that whatever we bought for our XB360 will have to be re-purchased for the XBOne and we should stop buying XB360 song/packs.

    Just consider it as end-of-life support for XB360 and just focus on XBOne.

    That is what I am doing from now on . . .
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    Don't forget it took about six months for them to get the 360 to XB1 thing fully working in the first place.
    But we were kept fairly informed and understood the delays.

    Support has really gone downhill since then.
    Not keeping your customers informed is a sure way to lose them.
    Support tickets get you nothing but macro'd replies.
    Seems like their answer to every Xbox problem is unplug and clear the cache.

    As far as re-buying on the XB1 I refuse to do that.
    Imagine if every song you bought on the XB360 stopped working.
    That would be a very expensive proposition.

    We were promised XB360 to XB1 usage, otherwise many wouldn't buy the XB1 version.
    Until they have an official statement ending XB360 to XB1 support, anything bought on 360 must work on the XB1 as well.

    I've seen more than a few companies with great products or services go under because of poor customer service.
    Hope that is not going to be the case here.
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