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    Starting PC Beta seems to Launch the VR version instead?

    Strange, but can the PC Beta coexist with the Oculus VR version?

    Starting the PC Beta, launches an anti cheet engine, then Oculus home is launched and the game seems to not work with a PC keyboard (Can't launch game) mouse can click on some menu. No Sound! Looks like it's a VR version that is started!

    PC Beta is not possible to be played!
    (Will not un install the VR version...)

    Any Clues?

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    Hey JohSm67, I sincerely apologise for the lack of response provided in your thread until now.

    Were you able to get the Non-VR Open Beta to work alongside your installation of the main, full VR version of the game?

    Did you reach out to our support team via a support case on our website for further assistance with the issue at the time, or did you receive support for this issue via our social media or Live Chat channels?
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